Engel Tripel Ale 002

In my second version of Engel Tripel Ale, I tried to optimise the recipe, and used the same ingredients as version 1, but without the extra sugar.

I also learned the following things:

  • don’t heat at a high pace, the mash was a little burnt the first time, and you could definitely taste that in the beer
  • the recipe was already ok, but I should use a bit less malt so the beer tastes less malty and also less sugar, as that made it a heavy beer
  • the yeast does not seem to flocculate well in the bottle, but has an amazing flavour, maybe I should try some different yeast strains for refermentation?

So I tried again keeping all these issues in mind :-).

After all the hard work, I added the yeast to the bottle and here we go again… hoping for some magic of the yeast :-). The beer is fermented at 20 degrees Celsius, keeping it constant thanks to an ingenious Arduino-system in my fermentation firdge. Then it’s waiting until the fermentation is over to mature the beer for another week at 4 degrees Celsius.
Refermentation in the bottle was done with the same yeast, Trappist High Gravity yeast from WYeast, also at 20 degrees Celsius.
After a couple of in- between tastings, I took the bottles out after 4 weeks. It seemed that there was less CO2 in the bottles this time, compared to Engel Tripel Ale 001. Although I used the same recipe, I added some home-made elderflower sirup to the bottles as sugar for the yeast.


Tasting!! From left to right:
1) Engel Triple Ale 002, after 3 weeks of refermentation
2) Engel Triple Ale 002, after 4 weeks of refermentation
3) Engel Triple Ale 001

After maturation, it became very clear that the 002 version was already much better than the first one. The taste was less malty, but still fruity. Now it is even getting almost too thin in taste. But I’m very pleased, as I could solve already some issues. After some patience, enough CO2 was formed, and the beer tasted very fresh and fuity. To be continued….

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