Engel Tripel Ale

My homebrewery
My homebrewery

In June 2013, I became the happy owner of a home-brewery, and started my adventure as homebrewer. The first beer I brewed is called Engel Tripel Ale and is a combination of a Belgian Tripel with a Danish Ale-style beer. The result was surprisingly well-received by my family and friends that tasted the beer.

The recipe has been inspired by the book ‘Brewing classic styles’ by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer.
Main ingredients:
– Cara pils malt
– Cara belge malt
– Saaz hops
– light candy sugar

Here are some pictures of my first beer-adventure :-).

My maish kettle
My maisch kettle

In my homebrewery, beer is made from scratch, that means starting with the malt. And I found out that maisching is a key process in the whole beer brewing process. Luckily, I have a Blichman maisch kettle, heated by an induction plate. So I can change the temperature quite correctly, but still need to check with a thermometer for the right temperature. It’s an art!


After maisching and boiling, it’s time to cool down the wort and start fermentation. Now my favorite organism will be added, yeast indeed. And then, the magic happens.


This is a homebuild fermentation room. Thanks to my father-in-law, the temperature can be set at a the perfect fermentation temperature. The ‘room’ is an old fridge, the temperature control system is an arduino-system.


Yeast starter culture, ready to be added to the wort. Our bathroom seems perfect temperature for starting the yeast :-).


All this work resulted in 12 liter of beer, refermented in the bottle. For my first beer, I used the same yeast in the main fermentation as well as the refermentation. WYeast 3787, a very fruity yeast, but that does not flocculate as it should.

Tasting: the beer tastes like a mix between ale and Belgian style tripel. Very fruity nose, but a bit too heavy in the mought. Also a bit burnt, needs to be adjusted next time.
Smell: very fruity, estery
Color: pale ale



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