Bride Blond – version001

With our wedding coming closer, it’s time to start thinking about a beer to serve :-).
It should be a light digestable beer, not too bitter, but with a good spring feeling about it.
So I decided to make a light blond beer, brewed with different malts including some wheat.

– pilsner malt
– munich malt
– wheat malt
– Magnum hops for clean bitterness
– Saaz and Cascade hops to give fresh and fruity hop aroma
– Kolsch yeast (WLP029) as a neutral yeast

I brewed this beer already in December last year, with some help of my family-in-law :-).
After a whole brewing day, 25 liter was ready to be fermented.IMG_0920

The fermentation was carried out in the specially build fermentation closet, and went on for 2 weeks. This time, I also used a oxygenation method to aerate the wort before adding the yeast. I noticed with my former brews that the fermentation often got a little stuck in the end and to prevent that, I used a small pump pumping air through a filter in the wort. I used that for 20 min.

After fermentation, I put the beer in a new bottle, to be able to put it on bottles a little easier and to dose yeast and sugar in a better way.


My self invented pumping-over system :-). Thanks to my brother who gave me this new type of fermentation bottle (I could only find this one in Belgium ->

And then the beer was ready to be put on bottles. Density check and go!


After refermentation of three weeks, it seemed that I had added too much sugar, all bottles had too much CO2. A real pitty, as the taste is amazing! The best beer I have brewed so far. Not easy to drink though when all you get is foam.

So I’ll have to brew again to get it right 😉 …. to be continued!

One thought on “Bride Blond – version001

  1. Isabelle February 20, 2014 / 10:37 am

    loving the name already! 🙂

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