Becoming a beer judge

Yesterday I took part in the ‘Øldommere’ course in Midfyns Bryghus.
This is a course organized by the ‘Dankse Øldommere’, an organization that takes care of the beer judging at important beer competitions in Denmark.

And it was a great course for me! I never realized how difficult it is to judge beers correctly. Most important of all, there are a lot of categories of beers and beers always need to be judged according to the style they are representing. This means you need to know as a homebrewer which style of beer you are making. This is very interesting food for thought. Looking back at the beers I made until now, I have been making a Belgian blond (Engel Tripel Ale), a Spicy beer (Julelund/Kerstbosbier) and a mix between English golden Ale/Belgian blond (Bride Blond). Very interesting :-).

I can recommend a beer judging course to every homebrewer, as it open you eyes on how to make decisions for the beer you’re making. It is also easier to talk to other (home)brewers if you know which style of beer you’re making.

To be continued….

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