Bride Blond v2.0

As Bride Blond v1.0 did not work out due to too high CO2 content in the bottles, but with a great taste, I brewed again, this time it had to be good, as this beer was meant for the wedding!
This time I tried a little different recipe, to get it just right.

– pilsner malt
– munich malt
– rhy malt
– Magnum hops for clean bitterness
– Saaz and Citra hops to give fresh and fruity hop aroma
– Kolsch yeast (WLP029) as a neutral yeast

Instead of wheat malt, I used rhy flakes (havregryn), to get a dry finish in the beer.

I also tried to add yeast in good shape, so I made a yeast starter and suspended it before I added it:

Yeast in suspension

After fermentation in my fermentation cupboard, this beer was meant to be on keggs. That was a first time for me :-).
But it worked! I filled the beer into 2 keggs (1 of 18 liter and 1 of 9 liter) and put them under pressure just before the wedding. I put them in the fridge – to be served ice cold :-).


And then the big day….serving the beer!


Amazing colour, foam and..taste :-). Oh yes, this is definitely my best brew so far. The style is IPA, with a nice hop finish of the citra hops, but not too much hop bitterness.

And also my ‘new’ husband liked it very much! As well as myself :-).

Finds-0059 Finds-0064


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