Time flies

Hi all,
time is indeed flying, as I can see my last post is from February! Amazing how fast time goes when you are busy :-). And busy we are, as my husband and me are renovating our house to have more space and…place for a brewery! Yes baby, a ‘professional’ home brewery, something I dreamed of for a long time now!

The brewery will be around 15 square meters, place enough to host:- my home brewing equipment
– two fermentation cabinets (fridges)
– a small laboratory
– and of course a tap to taste the beers!

At the moment it looks like this:

Homebrewery August 2015

Yes, I know, not exactly finished, but I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going. The brewery door will come to the right, under the roof part that has tiles already. Exciting!

Because of the lack of space, I had to brew outside this year, and that was a lot of fun!! Very often, my friend Andreas came to help out and have some fun with my brewing kettles :-).

Andreas helping out with brewingFrom August 2014 to August 2015, I have been brewing 4 beers:
– Barley Trouble: an oak aged American IPA
– a wheat imperial saison, no name chosen so far
– Flanders Blond: a Belgian Blond
– two types of Berliner Weisse
Very different beers, all of them, but I learned a lot!
I’ll be giving some feedback, when I am tasting those beers again, as many of them are aging beautifully :-).



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