DM2016 is coming up

It is exciting times for home brewers in Denmark as the ‘Danmarks Mesterskab’ in home brewing is coming up. A competition for home brewers where you can send your home brewed beers, which will be judged by professional judges.

Last year I had sent in 1 beer, my Barley Trouble, which got some very nice feedback. This year I wanted to do a good effort and therefore I have sent in 4 beers. 3 of them I brewed in autumn 2015/winer 2016 and 1 beer is a bit more special, as it has been maturing for a year. These are the beers I prepared:

  1. Saison Maison – saison style
    A saison style beer brewed with pilsner, munich, wheat and some biscout malt and a lot of hops (Tomahawk, Centennial and Mosaic and Simcoe as dry hops). The yeast I used was WLP565 (Saison 1). This one has been brewed outside 🙂
    Brewing Saison and IPA
  2. In house Pale Ale – IPA style
    Funny enough exactly the same recipe as the Saison Maison, but just with another yeast (WLP090 – California Super Yeast). Very interesting to see how the beers evolved by just changing the yeast. The Saison Maison tastes like a saison, e bit spicy, peppery with a very nice fruity hop finish. The In house Pale Ale, which is an IPA, is more bitter with more hop finish and very fruity hoppy flavor. As you can see on the picture below, the Saison Maison (to the left) has a bot darker color, but both the saison and IPA have a beautifu foam.
    Saison and IPA
  3. Snowlunde – bock style
    This was a big challenge, as it was the first time I brewed a beer with a Braumeister, but more importantly, also fermentation at low temperature. For this beer I used pilsner, Munich and Cara Munich malt. I added only a bitter hop (Mittelfruh) and as yeast I used WLP820 (Oktoberfest/Marzen Lager yeast), which should do the job. The fermentation took a long time (6 weeks), but after fermentation the beer already tasted very ‘bock’-like: sweet and malty and not too bitter. I have to admit that in the first week my fermentation cabinet smelled really like fart. The whole room in fact smelled like fart ;-). But the sulfur notes disappeared after two weeks fermentation. As my beer gun is not yet properly working, I also had to referment this beer and that is a little bit of a challenge as I did not know how much sugar the yeast would eat. It is still under refermentation today. So let’s hope by the time the jury is opening the bottle, the beer will be ready ;-).
    Brewing bock
    Brewing in a Braumeister is like brewing in heaven – very easy to use and more reproducable.
  4. Saison Faison Maison – saison style with Brett refermentation
    This beer is just amazing, to say it myself. My favorite beer is Orval and I wanted to make something similar, so that means refermenting with Brettanomyces yeast. However, the beer was made by ‘mistake’, as so often happens. I had made an Imperial Wheat Saison last year that I tried to bottle with my beer gun, but without succes, as the CO2 content was too low. As it would be a pitty to throw the beer away (it tasted really like a saison), I decided to add some Brettanomyces (WLP645), but no sugar, as the end density was still 1012 and the Brett would eat the left-over maltose and dextrins. Then I left the beer for a couple of months and now it really has the Brett taste, but very balanced. As that saison was very hoppy and quite bitter, the Brett balanced the beer so the bitterness is soft now. The fruity hoppy aroma is still there which finishes off the beer. Very exciting experiment. The Saison Maison has the same recipe, but with less bitter hops.

So now it is waiting waiting waiting … . The judgement will be known at the Beer Festival this year in May. So let’s cross fingers!

One thought on “DM2016 is coming up

  1. Bostonbaby March 30, 2016 / 7:31 pm

    hmm… I like reading your posts, although this one sounds like Chinese to me. The only thing I understand is ‘it smelled like fart’. 😉

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