My bock beer won bronze at the DM2016!

It was very exciting to wait so long before I would know the results of the ‘Danmarksmesterskab i håndbryg’ or Danish Mastership in home brewing competition. But finally, at the Beer festival two weekends ago, the results were announced….and yes, I was the happy winner of a bronze medal for my bock beer!! Great news :-)!
As earlier posted on my blog, I had sent off 4 beers to the competition and I was surprized that one of them also won a prize. I got the results back last week and now I also received my ‘Diploma’.

Very nice to see that my brewing standard is getting there :-).  After three years of brewing (I started in 2013) I can say now that my bewing skills have improved a lot so that I am able to compete with other home brewers.
One of my other beers also got a very high score (43 on 50), but the competition in Specialøl or special beers must have been tough:
Saison Faison Maison-DM-201643p 13E-212
That said, I am very happy to see that this beer got such a good score, as it was a Saison that was refermented with Brettanomyces, and in my opinion a very well balanced beer. As it is not so easy to get a Brettanomyces under control, this was for myself quite an achievement. Now it is just practising enough with this yeast to make even better Brett refermented Saisons and other styles. I have to say that I used a Brett which was not so phenolic in flavor, the WLP645 Brettanomyces claussenii. This Brett is said to produce a fuity pineapple arome, which it certainly did. But it also depends on the hops used. As I used some American hops for this beer like Simcoe and Mosaic (dryhopping), the Brett interacted very well with the hop flavors to produce a very fruity tropical aroma.

Let’s keep making home brewed beers, as it is just so much fun! Especially when you get some positive feedback :-).



One thought on “My bock beer won bronze at the DM2016!

  1. Bostonbaby June 5, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    Well done! a first reward to hang in your new brewery!

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