Bride Blond – to celebrate two 70 years birthdays

The Bride Blond recipe I made in May/June turned out to be a very crispy, nicely fruity and a little phenolic tasting Belgian Blond style beer. At that time, I was asked to brew a beer for a double 70 years birthday party, so I decided to brew another Bride Blond beer, but adjusted the recipe a little bit to get more foam in the glass and to have an even lighter beer (in alcohol and maltiness).
I tried to read up on how you can adjust the foam stability in the glass, as I had foam, but it disappeared quite fast after pouring the beer in the glass:

First Bride Blond recipe


One thing you can do is to add wheat in the malt bill as that will give you more proteins that together with the hop phenols will give you a stable foam. Another thing you can do is mashing at higher temperatures to get more maltodextrins in your final beer which will also help stabilizing the foam. Therefore I bought some body enhancing maltodextrins which you can add before bottling. I am still not sure if I will use those or not.

The color and flavor of my first trial were good, but I still wanted a little less maltiness in the final taste, so that is why decided to add wheat and more oat malt. The malt always smells amazing after milling.

Then it was time to brew, so I used my favorite Braumeister again and this time brewed only 20 minutes at 63 degrees Celsius and 50 minutes at 73 degrees Celsius to get more maltodextrins in the wort.
For the hops, I also changed the recipe to get a little extra citrus flavor. I used Mittelfrüh as bittering hop and Mittelfrüh + Citra as aroma hops. I love Mittelfrüh for bittering as it is a very delicate hop with a balanced bitterness. Also as aroma it gives you a fruity, spicy and citrus aroma (source: Citra is very know to give a citrus and tropical aroma.


After brewing, I filled the fermentation buckets and managed to get around 35 liter final volume, meaning around 32 liter final beer.


After filling, I cooled down the two fermentation buckets until the next day. I made a yeast starter with 5% light malt and the WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale yeast. I used one sachet per starter to make a fresh starter for every bucket. After overnight culturing the yeast, it was happily bubbling away and I added the starters to the fermentation buckets. I did this in the morning and in the evening, I had happily fermenting buckets :-).


This time I also aerated the wort before I added the yeast, with a small pump and a stainless steel filter. I aerated for 30 minutes before adding the yeast and I could clearly see that the yeast was very active the next day.
Now it is waiting until the fermentation is over so I can bottle and referment to a hopefully even better Belgian Blond…

2 thoughts on “Bride Blond – to celebrate two 70 years birthdays

  1. Bostonbaby July 20, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    Can I already make a request for a 70’s birthday in 1,5 years? 😉

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