Restaurant Barr – Danish food with a twist and great beer choice

A couple of weeks ago I visited restaurant Barr with some of my favorite foodie friends. This restaurant opened on 5th of July and had an impressive beer list on draft.

Barr beer on draft

The restaurant is situated in the same building where restaurant Noma has been. It’s beautifully surrounded by the waterfront and easily to get to due to the bike/walk bridge from Nyhavn.

View on Nyhavn from the bridge

The menu looked so good, that it was very difficult to choose 3-4 dishes, as the waiter recommended us.

Barr food menu

After asking a lot of questions to our patient waiter, we decided to go for: 

  • ‘Skovkvæg’, which literally translates info forest cattle, rib-eye from Jylland 
  • Hønseæg, chicken egg with herring
  • Schnitzel from dry-aged free range pork
  • Torskehale, cod tail, this was a dish we shared

The forest cattle looked gourgeous.


Slices of rib-eye were marinated in flower pepper, hip rose and grilled rapeseed oil. It tasted sublime according to my husband and friends. The flavors melted very well together. 

The beer chosen together with this dish was Ævii, a hoppy lager brewed by Andreas Pedersen and Amager Bryghus. The fresh fruity hoppy taste went well with the pepper and hip rose flavors of the marinated meat.

I decided to go for the eggs with herring and mustard sauce. 

The structure of the egg together with the herring was a lovely combination. The mustard sauce fitted very well with the dish and gave it a little bit of spice up. The bitter leaves on top finished it off. The beer I chose was Arag, the hoppy saison, brewed by Barr’s brewmaster and Gamma brewery. The saison had a slight grassy, flowery taste and was delicately bitter. The bitterness and flowery taste of the beer lifted the dish and went well with the mustard spiciness.

The schnitzel was one of the best my husband had tasted, with a very crunchy crust and a crispy side salad with peas and horseradish. 

My husband decided it was time for a darker beer together with this pork dish, so he went for the celebrator dobbelbock from Aylinger. Exactly how a dobbelbock should taste: malty, sweet and with a full body. However, it was too full-bodied to go together with the dish.

Then it was time for the shared dish for me and my friend. Cod-tail with spinach and smoked bacon. The cod tail was grilled and simply delicious. I never had cod-tail before and I can definitely recommend this dish! The fish meat is so soft it almost melts on your tongue. The dish was so delicious I even forgot to take a picture of it, so let it be a surprise when you’re ordering it at Barr. For this dish I paired it with the Eafæ, a farmhouse IPA collaboration brew between Barr and Alefarm. It turned out to be an excellent choice, Thd Brett flavor and mild bitterness went well with the grilled fish. After this beer, my friends and I shared a Gueuze Boon Black label 2016 from the bottle list. What an amazing beer! Delicate balanced sourness with fruity finish from my favorite Gueuze brewery. Also pairing well with the soft fish meat.

And finally after all these great flavor melting pots, we decided we could not leave the place without dessert. So we took the cake with marzipan on top and cream and cherries inside. The best final on a top evening! You’ll see me back for sure 😀.

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