Fruity and flowery spirits – home experimenting at best

Do you also have spirits in your cupboard that you are sure of you will never drink them. Or did you buy the wrong gin and now it’s just taking up space in your bar cupboard? Well, then I have a solution for you: pimp them up with fruit or flowers so you can actually serve them for your friends and family as an aperitif. Or you can use them in your baking experiments.

It is very easy to start such an experiment. Find at least half a liter of spirit, and this can literally be anything. The best ones are the most neutral spirits (meaning not so much flavor) like gin or vodka for example.

Then choose your fruit or flower. I will show two recipes I made: plum gin and elderflower spirit mix. 

For the plum gin I used a very cheap gin I had standing in our cupboard as a faulty buy. I had plums in my garden last year, the very small ones called ‘mirabelle’. I picked a small amount of them and washed them thoroughly. Then I added them in a jar and added 5 spoons of sugar. At last, I filled up the jar with the gin. 

After 10 months I tasted the plum gin and it tasted delicious! The gin also took the color of the plums.

Homemade plum gin

After I opened up the jar, I actually filtered the gin through a cloth and put the plums and filtered gin in a new jar. Excellent to serve in small glasses with a plum or two as aperitif. The plums have taken a lot of alcohol and are the best part :-).

My second recipe is an elderflower spirit mix. For this experiment I used elderflowers from my garden. Pick them when they are ready. Preferably in the morning as they have the strongest smell at that time. Wash them thoroughly and add them in a jar. Add again some spoons of sugar, depending on how sweet you want it. Fill up the jar with the spirits you have available. I used vodka and a leftover of jenever. Finish off with lemon in pieces and make sure you cover all flowers. If not, the flowers will brown because of oxidation. 

Homemade elderflower spirit
Leave for at least two weeks and taste regularly. Whenever you feel no more extra flavor is extracted, sieve the flowers out of the spirit. Put in a nice bottle and start serving :-).

Homemade elderflower spirit – finished

2 thoughts on “Fruity and flowery spirits – home experimenting at best

  1. varindweion July 28, 2017 / 10:57 am

    I also had a tip from a guy from Natuurpunt: use the elderflowerspirit as “additif” for Prosecco or Cava. So, just a smidge of elderflowerspirit and then top it of with sparkly wine.

    • sofiesaerens July 28, 2017 / 12:48 pm

      Very nice idea, I’ll try that for sure!

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