Enjoying some of my favorite beers from Duvel Moortgat

One week ago, my parents visited us all the way from Belgium. It is always super nice to get family visit and especially when it is my parents, as they are so sweet to bring some of my favorite beers. Belgian beers indeed :-).

As we tasted the beers, suddenly I realized that there was a pattern forming in my beer taste. Yes, almost all of them are coming from the same brewery, namely Duvel Moortgat. And we are not only talking about Duvel, but also the brands they have acquired during the years. Here is a small list of some of my favorites:

La Chouffe
La Chouffe is one of my all-time favorites. Simply so delicious. This beer is one of the best Belgian Blond Strong Ale style beers according to my opinion. The flavour is fruity from the yeast with a nice touch of coriander and a delicate hop balance and finish. Very refreshing in summer, even though the beer has 8% alcohol (v/v).

Vedett Extra Blond
IMG_6101 (1)
It was a long time ago I tasted the Vedett Extra Blond, that is why I asked my parents to bring this pilsner to have together with a good BBQ for example. The beer I tasted came out of a can (first time I saw Vedett on can I have to admit). The taste was typical Belgian style pilsner with a good malt hop balance, but the malty taste over-powered a little the flavor. In my view also a bit too light in taste, meaning not enough body in the mouth. Still good for a summer day, but not my favorite pilsner because of the lack of body and the slightly malty aroma.


Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA
Another Vedett example, that I tasted for the first time this year on a holiday in Toulouse. I am very much a fan of IPAs, which I learned to know when I moved to Denmark 6 years ago. This beer style has really exploded in the USA since a long time. Also in Denmark in recent years, this style is very popular. The Belgian brewers hopped quite late on the IPA train, but now more and more Belgian Style IPAs are released. The Vedett IPA is a light IPA example, with smooth bitterness and fruity and herbal hop notes. Again a bit lack of body in my opinion, but nice on a sunny day on a terrace. The bitterness is soft, so a good IPA to get started on an IPA journey if you have never tried this beer style.

Wild Jo Blond
A Belgian Wild Ale as De Koninck says on their website and yes, wild it is! This Belgian Blond is definitely refermented in the bottle with a Brettanomyces yeast (and maybe also used in the main fermentation). The taste is simply so balanced with the typical touch of a Brettanomyces (Brett). The beer is also dry hopped with European hops and that fruity/herbal aroma blends perfectly with the typical Brett flavor. Very much reminds me of Orval, which is another beer in my top 3 favorite beers. However, the Wild Jo is more balanced in my opinion, especially when drunk at a young age. I look forward to taste a more aged Wild Jo Blond, as I know from Orval experince that ageing Brett beers is always worth the effort and waiting :-).




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