Chateau Lamothe-Cissac – Bordeaux wine 

Bordeaux wines – they are normally not my favorite as it is so difficult to get the wine right before opening a bottle. And then I mean the cellar ageing. How long do you need to cellar a wine before it is drinkable and before it is just the perfect wine? It must be an art to master this. And that is exactly what I would like to learn … by doing :-).

We are building a wine/beer cellar where we can age both wine and beer. It will take a lot of learning but also fun to start ageing great beers and wines to just the perfect moment for drinking. That is why my husband and me bought a Bordeaux wine one year before we could get it home. A first for both of us, but with a not too risky Chateau as we tasted this wine before at my father-in-law. However you never know how the wine of another vintage will turn out. We bought the 2015 vintage:

Chateau Lamothe-Cissac is situated in Cissac, close to Pauillac, which is the so called Haut Médoc. You can find more info on:

It will be very exciting to age this wine and taste it in a couple of years. The only thing we will need is … patience.

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