Don’t worry Pale Ale – a 0.5% alcohol beer from Svaneke Bryghus

My husband and me have just been running and now we deserve a good alcohol free beer. It is getting a habit to drink alcohol free beers after our running trips. I am very pleased with the Drink’in the Sun from Mikkeller, but now I would like to taste some different brewery styles.

I found the Don’t worry Pale Ale from Svaneke Bryghus in our Superbrugsen and gave it a try. 

The beer is a Pale Ale style and you notice immediately the hoppy nose when you pour the beer. It is fruity and grassy aroma hops that steel the palet. However there is not much bitterness and the taste does not linger. The beer is also quite sweet, which is actually mentioned on the label. It is for sure a good try and better than what I have tasted so far. The only big minus is the sulfury off-flavor that shines through in the aroma. The big plus is the quite good flavor balance and mouthfeel. I’ll definitely try this one again on a more sunny day.

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