Gin – a new world to explore

Yesterday, my husband and me were invited by our foodie friends at their place for a gin tasting. Over the course of a whole evening, we tasted 10 different gins. 

We started off with tasting the gin alone, then mix it with one of the two tonics (Fever Tree and Tonic Mixed from Irma) and eventually spice it up with some extra spices if needed.

The line-up of gin showed bottles from 100-300 DK. 

The gins we tasted were: 1. Gordons crisp cucumber, 2. Bombay London Dry Gin, 3. Danica Gin, 4. Harahorn Norwegian small batch Gin, 5. Saffron Gin, 6. Whitley Neill, 7. Malfy Gin con limone, 8. Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin, 9. Hendrick’s Gin and 10. Danish Gin.

The first two were ok, but definitely nothing special. They were also the cheapest. If you want to use those for gin tonic, I would definitely recommend to spice them up. You can use pepper or burned rosemary for example.

The Danica and Harahorn gin were definitely my favorite. Both of them are made with a difference spice and herb mix, and they paired beautifully with both tonic types. They were very balanced and gave a nice spicy flavor. 

The saffron gin was definitely the worst. This one is distilled over saffron, which flavor – in my opinion – does  not combine with the gin and tonic taste.

The Malfy gin con limone tasted too much like limoncello, but if you like lemon, just go for it! The Opihr gin was very spiced, the most of all of them, but was nice in combination with the Mixed Tonic from Irma (a more bitter and not so sweet tonic). Not my favorite, because of too much spices, but very balanced if you like some oriental taste.

The Hendrick’s gin is the one we normally use at home for gin tonics, and is a very subtile, balanced flavored gin. However, after tasting the Danica and Harahorn, I need to go buy those for future Friday drinks, as they were definitely standing out!

Which gin and tonic do you prefer?

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