Belgian Blond Ale – my signature style so far

The last two months I have tried to optimize my Belgian Blond Ale style beers. So far with good success as I had the opportunity to serve the beer for quite some people. The first one brewed in July was to celebrate a double 70 years birthday (the aunt and uncle of my husband) and the second one was for Håndbryggernes Dag last weekend. 

Both beers were brewed with pilsner and wheat malt, but the hopping regimes and spices added were a bit different. I learned that Citra hops give a nice fruity touch and that using cara pilsner malt gives the beer a more Belgian full taste.

The double 70 years birthday went well and the beers were a hit :-).

The beer also had a nice foam and the wheat gave it a summer haze.

People liked it so I was happy. It also went well with the delicious food we got presented. Especially the dessert table was my favorite:

People who say that beers don’t fit with dessert have obviously never had the perfect combination of sweet dessert with a light summer beer.

Also last week people liked my Belgian Bride Blond as I became 2nd in the home brewing competition in Brewers Inc. 

I will keep on optimizing the recipe, as I think I should add a bit less wheat and add a bit of oat malt to give it some more spice. But that is what home brewing is all about; optimizing recipes continuously and more importantly just have some great fun with it!

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