Augustus Forum – delicious wine in the Penedes area

Two weeks ago, my husband and me were on holiday in Catalonia. This is a beautiful region in Spain and despite the trouble they are going through now, I can definitely recommend it for holiday. Especially if you are a foodie, as the regional food and wine are amazing. 

I wanted to visit a winery and having some wine colleagues all over the world, I asked my Spanish colleague where to go to. He recommended me to go to Augustus Forum, a winery in the Penedes that mainly makes red and white wine, no cava. So off we went :-).

The winery is beautifully situated on a hill with a view on the vineyards. When you drive to it, you have to go through an old driveway full of trees.

The winery is very modern inside. The name however comes from the long history of the vineyard. It is named after the remains of what once was the Via Augusta, the Roman road that connected Rome with the most important cities of the Mediterranean.

The vineyards are close to the winery and some of them are named after the famous Roman emperors, like Julius Caesar.

The wines itself are really good. We got the pleasure of tasting quite a lot of them when we visited the winery. They have their ‘classic’ series like the Cabernet Franc, which in my opinion is the best red wine they have. We also tasted the Chardonnay, which was amazing. Bourgogne style, but way more elegant.

And then the winery does a series of what they call ‘microvinifications’. These wines are from single vineyards and there are only few bottles of every microvinification and all of them are unique. We tasted the Xarel-lo 2013, with a nice fruit palet reminding of apricot. The nice thing is that the winery gives the ful technical profile of the wine on their website:

As a science nerd, I quite like that :-).

We bought a couple of bottles to taste and were very pleased with both the white and red wines. Definitely a winery to visit if you are in the neighborhood. 

The red wines are also perfectly combined with Iberico ham and cheese, mmmm.

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