Collaboration brew at Brewparts

Christmas is approaching and what is better then having your own Christmas beers? Indeed, having brewed several of your own Christmas beers :-). So the time is now to brew some Christmas beers. As it is more fun to brew together with somebody, my husband and me were invited at Brewparts to do 3 ‘collaboration brews’. Brewparts is situated in Broager, Sønderjylland and is a shop where you can buy beers from various countries. The beer choice is impressive! They also perform beer courses and sell ingredients for home brewing. If you want to check it out: Brewparts  or if you want to do a beer making course: Brewparts Brew Course.

We decided to brew 3 different beers: a Belgian Blond, a Belgian Dubbel and a Christmas beer. Brewparts has several Brewsters they use for their beer courses, so that was what we used for brewing our beers.

For me, it was nice to try out a different system than the one I have at home (Braumeister), as I am on the lookout for buying a new system. The Brewster is really easy to use, and is an all-in-one brewing system just like the Braumeister. However, the circulation of wort is different, as here a pump is attached separately to the outside of the brewing kettle. In the Braumeister, the pump is integrated, but the wort is not pumped over the malt but through the malt. That is why – in my opinion – the Braumeister is less efficient when it comes to sugar yield. Both systems are quite easy to clean though. With the Brewster, there is just more piping to clean.

And so we started our three brews on a Saturday morning. The malt bill was quite complicated, as I like to play around with adding different types of malt to optimize the flavor and body of the beer. For the Dubbel we used some Pilsner, Munich, Cara Belge, Biscuit, Melanoidin and chocolate malt. As hops we used Styrian Golding and Mittelfruh, for a soft bitterness.

The malt bill for the Christmas beer was very similar except that we used Munich malt as the base to get a full bodied beer. Here we also added some spices: sweet orange peel, cardamom, fennel seeds and star anise.

The last beer, the Belgian Blond, was made with pilsner and oat malt.

After brewing, the wort was cooled through the Brewster cooling system, which works with counter flowing cool water. And then we could fill the fermentation buckets. 

The Belgian Blond came home with me to ferment, but the other two beers were filled on a Fermentasaurus to be tapped in Brewparts.

The smarty thing with this system is that you can ferment your beer and tap it immediately afterwards, as you can carbonate the fermenter. Very easy in this way to ferment and immediately try out your beer :-).

The yeast we used was from Mangrove Jack’s. As this is dry yeast we rehydrated the yeast in boiled water that was cooled down.

We used the following yeasties:

M31 for the Christmas beer, M41 for the Belgian Dubbel and M47 for the Belgian Blond. Now it’s waiting for the yeast magic to be completed.

It was truly a pleasure to brew at Brewparts. They have excellent systems, all the malt and hop possibilities you wish for and great service. The beer choice is really amazing, with beers from all over the world. Nice note, they have a nice English beer collection as well.

We closed off our brewing day with the local Oktoberfest. Cheers!

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