Homebrewing is part of a lifestyle

It really is :-). I realized this recently now that I am brewing regularly at home. It is so much fun and every time there is the excitement of seeing the first bubbles in my ferment. It is a wonder what yeast is doing to the wort.

As my colleague putted it so well last week: ‘it’s like giving birth, the excitement of waiting to see the first bubbles’. I can’t agree less.

Homebrewing is the perfect combination of science, practical work and fun. It takes a day to brew <50 liter, so it is perfect to brew at home in the weekend. And after fermentation and bottling, you can enjoy your own beer. That is very satisfying.

It is very similar to other hobbies which include fermentation: wine making, yoghurt production or making kombucha. Also here, yeast and/or bacteria are doing the job and it is great to follow the conversion of the raw material into the final product.

There are so many people homebrewing, that it is really an established community. People are sharing ideas and are coming home to each other for a nice brew day. That’s the beauty of it, you can share with other homebrewing friends that are as excited as you are. I simply love it :-).

There are also many homebrewing shops around, either physically or online. My two favorites in DK are: Brewparts and Maltbazaren. The people in those two places are home brewers themselves and are very service minded. They are always willing to help out if you’re in doubt which malt, hops or yeast to use.

If you don’t have a dedicated hobby yet, I can recommend home brewing. It’s fun, you can do it with friends, it triggers your mind with scientific questions and you can enjoy the final beer as the cherry on the cake.


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