Cider – made with special yeast

The fresh apple juice I made this year was not only used for drinking the juice, but also as the main ingredient in my ciders.

It is the second time I make cider, so I wanted to experiment a bit more to get different flavors. I had around 35 liter left after I pasteurized the juice just to drink. That was enough to divide it in two and make two different ciders types.

The first cider I am making is a regular dry cider without any additives. For this one, I only used the freshly squeezed apple juice. I poured the juice in my fermentation bucket and added a Torulaspora delbreuckii yeast (Prelude from Chr Hansen). This yeast can ferment up to 12-13 percent of alcohol, so that is fine as my cider will be maximum 7% alcohol (v/v). The Torulaspora gives a more full-bodied cider with a fresh fruity aroma. The fermentation was done at 17 degrees Celsius, to have a slower fermentation, resulting in more fruity flavors. Tasting after fermentation showed a dry clean cider taste with crisp fruity flavors.

The cider is being chilled at the moment, ready to be put on bottles…

For the second cider, I used honey as extra sugar source. This results in a more sweet cider with higher alcohol percentage. The final alcohol will be around 13 % (v/v). To make this cider, I dissolved 4 kg of honey in 8 liter water.

I dissolved the honey by warming up the water up to boiling temperature. In this way the honey also gets sterilized, making sure no wild yeast or bacteria can take over the fermentation. I also used the Torulaspora delbreuckii to kick-start the fermentation, but I added a normal Saccharomyces wine yeast (Jazz from Chr Hansen) after 5 days of fermentation. After fermentation, the taste was clearly more fruity, flowery and sweet than the cider with apples alone. The honey definitely gives an extra sweet touch to the taste and more fruity/flowery aroma to the cider. That combined with the better mouthfeel from the Torulaspora will definitely result in a winner cider.

Now both ciders are chilled, and after the yeast has settled, I will use my beer gun to put the ciders on bottles…

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