Fiebeer blog New Years Resolutions

It is that that time of year again where a lot of people make their New Years resolutions … and yes, you guessed it right, I am one of them. I simply love New Years resolutions. Why? Because it gives me energy to think that I can start something from new. Kind of like being born again.

It might have something to do with the fact that my birthday is in the start of January. So I have double chance of reflecting over the year that has gone and what to start putting my energy in for the next year.

This year I will dedicate more time for my blog. It gives me such an energy to see that people read my blog and hopefully also getting some energy or creative ideas from reading my crazy home brew experiments or my nights out in Copenhagen.

A very good friend of mine posted some ideas on her blog last year to write an even better blog. One of them was a weekly theme. That is exactly what I will try this year.

It will not surprise you that the first weekly theme will be ‘Beer of the week’. My husband and me love to try new beers. Therefore it won’t be difficult to tell you something about a new beer every week. As we are subscribed to Belgisk Bryg, we get Belgian beers every month at our doorstep. Those will be perfect to start. Of course it won’t be only Belgian beers I’m talking about. Every interesting beer that we taste, is an optional winner for the ‘Beer of the week’ award.

Another one of my New Years resolutions is to try to create healthy and tasty alcohol free alternatives. As I love juice and we try not to drink alcohol during the week days, this will for sure be an excellent way to get my creativity going with alcohol free beverages. Every drink is possible here, as long as it is not alcoholic. I will start with some homemade juices, but also hope to be able to show some alcohol free fermented beverages. Very exciting!

Apart from my blog resolutions, I also want to create more home brewed beers, along with moving on my cider project. As my home-brewery is almost fully working now, I can’t wait to tell you more about new beer recipes and tricks to make even better home brewed beers.

Are you ready? Let’s start the new year with even more beverage creativity :-).

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