Ginger lime mandarine honey drink – a bit of summer to enlighten the winter months

What is better then a freshly squeezed ginger smell? Making a drink of it :-)! This is my first alcohol free alternative beverage of the year.

I combined the juice of ginger root, lime and mandarin with some honey for this delicious summer feel drink.


⁃ 1 ginger root

⁃ 3 limes

⁃ 3 mandarins

⁃ 2 spoons of liquid honey


⁃ slow juicer or orange press

How to make it?

Peel the ginger, lime and mandarins and cut them in pieces. Press the pieces of ginger, lime and mandarins with your slow juicer. Put the juice in a pot to heat it together with the honey.

The reason for heating to boiling temperature is that you can keep the juice longer. Alternatively you can dissolve the honey in some water by heating it and then add to the juice when cooled down.

If you don’t have a slow juicer, press the lime and orange with an orange press. Slice the ginger and add the slices to the juice while heating it in a pot. The juice will extract the ginger taste by heating it up.

After reaching the boiling temperature, cool the juice down to around 75 degrees Celsius and put in a glass bottle. Let further cool down by putting the bottle in the fridge.

When completely cooled, pour some of the juice in two glasses.

Add ice cubes and sparkling water.

Taste to see if you need to add more juice or more sparkling water. The ginger taste is quite overpowering, and combines very nice with the lime. The mandarin and honey give the drink enough sweetness so the sourness of the lime is balanced out.

Now enjoy this summer drink with the thought that the sugar content is much lower than what you find in a normal soda or juice!

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