Going tropical – passion fruit mango lime drink

Did my ginger lime mandarin honey drink make you linger for summer? Well then I have an even more tropical drink for you to close your eyes and get the feeling you are lying on a beach with the sun giving that warming light we miss in wintertime.


⁃ 2 mango’s

⁃ 4 passion fruits

⁃ at least 2 limes


⁃ slow juicer (this recipe is unfortunately only usable if you have a fruit juicer of any kind – a centrifuge juicer also works)

How to make it?

Slice the peeled mango’s and limes.

Press the mango and lime pieces through your slow juicer. Do this slowly as mango takes some time to be juiced.

Put the juice in a cooking pot.

Halve the passion fruits and spoon the seeds into the mango-lime juice.

Heat the juice with passion fruit seeds to boiling temperature.

Let cool down to 75 degrees Celsius. Sieve the juice-seed mixture through a cooking sieve to get rid of the passion fruit seeds.

Pour the juice in a glass bottle.

Put the bottle in the fridge so the juice can further cook down. When completely cooled down, fill the juice in two glasses. Add some sparkling water and your juice is ready to drink! The juice will foam and look like a cocktail, but then without the alcohol :-).

The taste of mango combined with passion fruit and a hint of lime is heavenly!

Just give it a try 🙂

2 thoughts on “Going tropical – passion fruit mango lime drink

  1. Bostonbaby January 18, 2018 / 8:56 am

    I’m thinking people that have no centrifuge of slow juicer could make a nice smoothie out of it with a bit of orange juice. Different kind of drink of course…

    • sofiesaerens January 18, 2018 / 2:17 pm

      Completely agree! A smoothie would be very tasty as well 🙂

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