Carrot ginger drink

After two delicious summer drinks with ginger, it is time to try adding some vegetables to my alternative juice drinks. As a first one, I opted for adding carrots, as it is an easy veggie to juice, gives a nice sweet taste and the color is very pleasant. This is another drink with ginger, as I just love the taste of it. Ginger should also help against a cold, so that is perfect in winter time.


– 500 g of carrots

– 1 apple

– 2 ginger roots

– 2 lime


– slow juicer

How to make it?

Peel all the fruit, carrots and ginger. Cut everything in small pieces. Put everything through the juicer. The carrots contain a good amount of juice and you can check the quality of your juicer on the dryness of the leftover pieces coming out at the other end of your juicer.

Add the juice in a pot to heat it. The color is so lovely.

After cooling down the juice to around 75 degrees Celsius, bottle the juice and store cold.

Enjoy the juice with ice cubes and sparkling water. The taste of ginger is quite overpowering and the carrots add to the sweetness. A perfect way to ‘hide’ some veggies in a drink without tasting it ;-).


One thought on “Carrot ginger drink

  1. Bostonbaby January 23, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    You can use the rest of the carrots in carrot cake!

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