Beetroot citrus drink

Another veggie drink for week 4, but with beetroot. Beetroot is a very thankful vegetable to make juice of. I was surprised to see how much juice you get from just 1.5 kg of beetroot. However, as it tastes very earthy and sweet, I have added some citrus fruit (lemon and orange) to balance the flavor and sweetness.


– 1,5 kg beetroot

– 3 lemons

– 1 orange


– slow juicer

How to make it?

Peel the beetroot, orange and lemons and cut them in small pieces.

Juice everything in your slow juicer. Put the juice in a pot to heat up to boiling temperature. Just look at the amazing color!

Let it boil for another minute and cool down to around 75 degrees Celsius before filling it in a glass bottle.

Pour the drink in two glasses and add some sparkling water on top.

The juice tastes very nice, but might still be a bit too earthy as it was quite a big amount of beetroot. I would recommend to add less beetroot and maybe 1 lemon more. Something to play with. However, beetroot is very healthy and the drink looks almost like a cocktail :-)!

I’ll have to give the beetroot another try soon, but was already pleased with the first try!

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