First attempt to make lime mint juice

Waw, I can’t believe it’s almost two months ago I wrote something on my blog. The reason is quite simple though. I have been travelling quite a lot for work and I have taken some really nice holidays. Especially the holidays were very relaxing as I tried not to use the social media for once. I almost succeeded ;-).

That said, it’s time to pick up my weekly attempts to make some fresh juices. One of the juices I have been looking forward to is to make lime mint juice. The first time I tried this was in Qatar when my husband and me were on holiday there. My husband has been living there before and always remembered these juices as being so fresh on a hot day. As we have really summer weather at the moment (almost for three weeks in a row now!), it’s the perfect occasion to get a grip on this delicious juice mix.

I have also been waiting until our mint would start for real in our garden. With the warm sun, the mint has been going crazy in our garden the last two weeks, so I could pick some fresh mint leaves.

Needed for the juice:

– limes

– loads of fresh mint

– sugar (preferably cane sugar)

How to make it?

I squeezed 9 limes in my old fashion juice press. This gave around 350 ml of fresh lime juice.

Then I poured the mint leaves in the lime juice and blended it with my regular soup blender.

After blending, I sieved the mint puree out of the juice.

The mint puree can still be used to make tea or something else.

I poured the lime mint juice in glasses and added some sparkling water.

To finish up, I added some regular white sugar, but cane sugar would be better. Then I put in a straw and a mint leave as decoration and happy days, the juice is ready to drink!

We tried the juice and it was delicious đŸ˜‹. However, we had to add quite some sugar to have the right sweet-acid balance. Very good first try, but next time I should add less lime. I also wonder if making mint tea first and mixing that with the lime juice would help to accentuate the mint a bit better. That’s for next time :-).


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