Blackcurrant juice – a taste of summer

It has been an amazing spring in Denmark this year with 6 weeks of sun, sun and sun. Now, after one week of cooling down, the sun is back to welcome the summer :-). That also means that all the fruit is mature earlier this year and just deliciously sweet tasting.

I went on a fruit hunt in the park in front of our house and found out that there is a lot of fruit to pick. We have cherry trees all around us and also some berry bushes. That gave a good first harvest of sweet and sour cherries as well as blackcurrant berries.

As I decided to go further with my juice productions, I decided to make blackcurrant juice. After asking some advice to my foodie friend and googling some recipes, I made up my own.


⁃ 300 gram of blackcurrant

⁃ 200 gram of cane sugar

⁃ 1 liter of water

Heat up the water with the blackcurrant berries and the sugar until boiling temperature is reached. When boiling, decrease the heat and boil at low temperature until the blackcurrant berries are bursting open. You can also squeeze the blackcurrant berries if you are impatient (like me). All in all this took me 20 min to get an amazing tasting juice.

When cooled down to around 75 degrees Celsius, I sieved the juice to get rid of the berry leftovers.

Then I bottled the juice in clean and sterilized beer bottles.

The juice is around 20% sugar and should be diluted to 5% with sparkling or still water. So 1 part of juice with 3 parts of water. The color is my favorite: pink and the taste is slightly sweet blackcurrant with a little astringent aftertaste. Delicious for hot summer days!

If you like it more sweet, you can always add more sugar.

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