Cauliflower ‘rice’ – a delicious alternative to rice

Do you know this feeling that you are always seem to eating potatoes, rice or pasta at dinner? I want to explore new adventurous alternatives to spice up our everyday dinner at home. So here comes the first experiment: cauliflower rice. I did hear of this rice alternative from some colleagues and started to read about it.

There are several ways of preparing the cauliflower rice, and I chose the fried version. And yes, it turned out to be very easy to prepare.

I started with half a cauliflower and cut the cauliflower in small pieces.

As I received a small mincer for Christmas, I used that one to mince the cauliflower into rice looking particles.

The last step is frying the cauliflower rice in a pan. You have to start at very low fire with a good amount of oil in the pan. And then you stir and stir and stir until the cauliflower starts to look caramelized. This can take a while and you will also smell the typical sulfur smell during the frying. However, when the cauliflower starts browning, most of the smell is gone.

And that’s it, now mix with a nice curry or wok and you’re done!

The cauliflower tasted very nice (not so much like cauliflower after the long frying) and fitted very well with the chicken curry we prepared on the side.

Have you ever tried a non-starch alternative that you can recommend?

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