Wiener schnitzel and a good craft beer

What is better in Germany than Wiener schnitzel and beer? It is maybe very old fashioned to say, but I do like a good schnitzel, especially when you can try it with a new German beer style. You guessed it right, I am in Germany and had a great evening in a local restaurant with typical German food, but with a special beer menu.

The schnitzel I tried was called Jagerschnitzel with a lovely mushroom sauce. The beer I choose to have with it, was a hoppy lager from Craft werk, the gourmet style brand of Bitburger.

To my surprise the beer was excellent, with a very good bitterness balance and a hint of fresh hops. It is not always that a big beer brand also produces a high quality gourmet brand, but in this case it is definitely true.

My colleague and me decided to try one more beer and I choose the Tangerine dream, a pale ale produced with mandarine hops.

Another excellent example of how to produce a hoppy pale ale. The smell was completely mandarine and the taste had a prickling orange zesty hint, but very balanced with the malt flavor.

We asked the waitress where we could find those beers, but apparently they are mostly available online. So if you see those beers in a bar or restaurant, definitely worth a try! I enjoyed them very much, especially because they were not extreme in flavor, but very well balanced.

Have you ever had a German craft beer?

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