• Inspired by the Danish television program called ‘rigtige mænd’ or ‘real guys’ translated, I wanted to try to make a greenie. In the program 4 guys are trying to live in a healthier way and one of their goals is eating more vegetables. To make this interesting, their coach asked them to make green smoothies with the veggies, called greenies.
  • To make a greenie, you basically put some veggies, fruit if you like to and either juice, a milk base or water together and tada, it is ready.

    After googling some recipes for inspiration, I decided to make my own recipe. So I bought some almond milk, green kale, spinach and apples. The recipe is very easy:

    – 200 ml almond milk

    – handful of fresh spinach

    – handful of green kale

    – 1 apple

    Put everything in the blender:

    Blend it together and you get a wonderful color.

    Poor in a glass

    And then just enjoy! It tasted very nice my first trial, quite nutty from the almond milk, but not sweet (which I like). You also can taste the greens, but very softly. Proud that it worked the first time :-).

    I just went running, and this was the perfect snack afterwards!

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