Nature’s wonder – or how good our vines are growing in Denmark

I am in love …with our newly planted vines. It is so wonderful that you can grow vines in Denmark and that is exactly what my husband and me are trying out. In our backyard on a sunny south slope we planted 5 different varieties: Pinot blanc, Pinot noir, Riesling, Souvignon gris and Solaris. The first three varieties are well-known and the last ones are hybrid varieties who are better equipped against diseases like mildew and botrytis.

The vines are planted 2,5 weeks ago and here is a status of how they are doing. First of all, I have to say we had very good weather here with absolute summer weather the last week. So perfect conditions for our little baby vibes to settle in the soil.

And they are growing …fast! The fastest growers are Pinot blanc and Pinot noir.

Pinot blanc:

Pinot noir:

If you look very carefully, you can see the silhouette of a small bunch of grapes. Yes, this is indeed a flower to come :-). In the first year, you are not supposed to have grapes already, so you wait until the flowers have blossomed and then you cut off the grapes to come. This is to make sure that the plant will use all its energy in growing.


And our hybrid varieties, Souvignon gris:


The plants are full of energy even though we only have watered them once. We would like the plants to get deep roots, so we are not watering them too much, to make sure the roots are growing deep to find the water themselves.

It is an exciting adventure …and I will keep you posted!

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