In for Korean food? Try Restaurant Ssam

Yesterday, we had family over and as we call ourselves the crazy dining team, we went out in Copenhagen trying some nice food. We went to my favorite Korean place, Ssam. Here you can eat traditional Korean food and drink Korean rice wine.

My husband took Bibimbap, which is a rice dish in a hot bowl with a lot of veggies, an egg and topped of with beef or any other meat or veggie choice. I took Chulpan Deopbab, which is fried rice with toppings of your choice, in my case also beef.

I took a Kissmeyer beer on the side: Stockholm syndrome, a very well balanced double IPA.

To go a little crazy, we also ordered Korean rice wine: Makgolli. It is an off-white alcoholic beverage that is sometimes slightly sparkly. They served this drink in a teapot, so I was surprised to taste it was cold.

The rice wine is served in funny cups, a very nice experience. The drink tasted a little sweet, milk, astringent and alcoholic. If you like sweet and milk, you should definitely go for it! It is not my favorite, but it was a good experience to try it.

We also tried soju, which is a clear distilled Korean beverage, made on rice. The taste is very alcoholic and made me think of sake. Again a nice experience to try it, but as I’m not in to spirits, I was still happy I took a beer on the side as well.

Have you tried Korean food?

Restaurant IBU – fantastic Asian food!

Last weekend, my husband and me tried a (for us) new Asian restaurant in Copenhagen: IBU. We found this one on Earlybird which is a website where you can book a restaurant visit but only for the day itself. I really like this website, as you can just order when you feel like going out later. The restaurants present are of good quality and it is excellent if you want to try something new.

The menu looked very interesting:

The interior was very modern, with a lot of black accents. The first platter (which was 2. Ret on the menu) was tuna with wasabi and beetroot with fish eggs on top. Very refreshing!

My husband chose a Møn brown ale to go with the food, while I felt more like a burgundy style Chardonnay. Both seemed to be a good choice :-).

The next platter was Indian flatbread with Jerusalem artichoke purée and fried fat pieces (which is a real treat here in DK). An excellent combination of these 3 ingredients, as it was both a little sweet and sour, more like a pancake feeling.

Now followed another vegetarian dish with mushrooms, sprinkled cocos flakes and young coriander shoots. We also got a pickled cucumber on the side. Another well-balanced platter with a lot of taste.

These were all the ‘first platters’ and it was time for some meat. The first meat dish was spare ribs which was the best dish of the evening. The spare ribs were prepared in a sweet/sour sauce that was quite spicy, simply delicious!

The spare ribs were finished with sesam seeds and some greens.

The last dish before dessert was beef, which was so tender it almost melted in your mouth.

And then it was time for dessert, a passion fruit mousse with vanilla ice cream. Again excellent, as it was a good balance between sweet and sour. The passion fruit mousse was also extremely light.

If you wanna go the Asian way, I strongly recommend to try IBU. One of the best Asian restaurants in Copenhagen!