Ever seen a grape flower?

I work 8 years in the wine industry, but have always been involved in what happens after the grapes are harvested. 2 months ago my husband and me decided to plant some vines to find out how grapevines are growing and to follow the life of a vine throughout all seasons.

In the first year no grapes should be allowed to grow on the plant, as they take a lot of energy from the plant. However as we were very curious, we allowed two plants to have grape flowers after which we will cut them off not to stop the plant from growing.

Around end of June, the first flowers popped up.

This flower is from our Pinot noir plant. You can see the start of a grape form which really beautiful. The flowers as such are very small and will be pollinated by the wind.

After pollination, you can clearly see the pollinated grapes taking shape; ready to grow and mature.

This picture is taken from Pometet in Taastrup where they have planted a lot of different varieties. This variety is called Bolero, a hybrid red variety that is early flowering.

So nice to follow the development of a vine :-).

Excellent weather for vines

It is now a month ago we planted our vines in the backyard and they are really happy on our south slope. They grow very fast and we decided now to remove the mini greenhouse we had put around them. To our surprise there were not only one but often several shoots coming up.

So we needed to decide which shoot is the best one and remove the other shoots down to one leaf, so the plant still gets the energy from the sun to help growing.

After cutting the shoots, we tied the plants up to an iron stick, so the stem can grow straight, which is the most important goal of the growth season the first year.

This is how they look now:


Pinot noir:

Pinot blanc:

Souvignon gris:


And our whole ‘vineyard’: