Spring is in the air

Can you also feel it? The sun is out more often, the birds are singing and the temperature feels like going for a walk. Indeed, spring is in the air! Especially last weekend in Denmark was so nice with blue skies and sun.

My husband and me went for a ride on Saturday and stopped at Arresø for a coffee with a beautiful view.

It was late afternoon already and the sun was on her way down. But how good it felt to just siping some coffee outside with the sun in your face :-). There is truly no better feeling.

Also in our garden, the flowers are suddenly there and everywhere. The white and yellow spring flowers are just popping out over the whole garden.

My heart makes a jump every time I see them.

We cannot deny it, winter is almost over. I can’t wait to sitting on our terrace again enjoying the sun and hearing birds singing all day. Spring is in the air!

Can you feel the spring coming as well?

Running to get energized

Do you run? I simply love it. Going out in nature, getting fresh air and especially the boost of energy I get from it afterwards makes me run over and over again. I did not mention this New Years resolution, but it is definitely on the list.

Last year, my husband and me have been running on average once every week. See here the last 5 months.And that is exactly what I want to change. I would like to go twice a week for a run. I have been travelling extensively for work last year, which makes it a bit more difficult to run so often. However, this year I will be travelling less, so I can make time to go running more often.

In the first week of 2019, I already succeeded! I ran twice which felt great. One time in my home place, the usual route, but the second time, I have been running in the forest close to my parents place.

This forest, the Neigembos, is great to run in, but very hilly. I am not used to that, but it was a great challenge :-). And lovely surroundings…

Even though I ran a bit slower because of the hilly path, I do feel energized!

Really feels great!

How do you get energized?