Bernard Massard – Sparkling wine from Luxembourg

Last week I went to the airport in Luxembourg for the first time in my life. It is a very nice small airport with very good service. To be considered again if I need to be in the neighborhood another time.

As I traditionally bring a present for my husband when I travel for business, I found a local sparkling wine I thought would be fun to try. I know the brand Bernard Massard from Luxembourg, as my parents used to drink this as well. So I bought a Millésimé from 2015 from Bernard Massard.

My husband and me opened the bottle last weekend to taste this product from Luxembourg.

The bottle said Brut, but it was not as Brut as I am used to from Champagne. As the grape varieties were not mentioned on the bottle, I looked it up on their website:

The grapes used are Pinot Blanc and Riesling. I was surprised to find this, as it is a combination I did not try before. That was probably the reason why the aroma was quite fruity and floral, and the taste dry but not as dry as Champagne. A very good combination though when you don’t like it too Brut. And excellent as aperitif.

So I can recommend to try this crémant de Luxembourg.

What type of sparkling wine do you drink?

Belgian sparkling wine is definitely on the rise!

This week was my birthday and that had to be celebrated :-). I just had spent the weekend in Belgium and when I was looking around in Brussels airport I found out that there was one Belgian Winehouse selling their wines there: Genoels-Elderen. That had to be tried!

There were 2 types of wine for sale: white wine (mostly Chardonnay) and sparkling wine. I bought the sparkling wine, called Zwarte Parel and flew back to Copenhagen with it.

Last Wednesday was the day to open this beautiful bottle. The Zwarte Parel is made with Chardonnay according to the ‘Méthode Tradionelle’. This means that the wine has been ripening with the sediment in the bottle for at least 9 months. On top of that, de Zwarte Parel has been ripening for 9 months more, so 18 months in total in the bottle. The wine has not been ripening on wooden barrels, so it went immediately from the stainless steel tanks (after fermentation) on the bottle.

The wine looks exactly like a champagne:

The bubbles are small and there are many. The taste was really excellent if you like it Brut. The taste was refreshing, a bit fruity and with a slightly higher acidity compared to a champagne. However, the wine was in good balance and I was impressed with the overall flavor and taste.

Definitely worth a try if you like Brut sparkling wine!